Hello… I’m Engaged!


He put a ring on it!

Well what do you know… life continues to inevitably get busier and as much as I would love to update this blog more often, I just can’t seem to find the time these days! But I wanted to share some special news: I am now engaged!

Last month on the 7th of July, my boyfriend-now-fiancé planned a surprise proposal for me. What I thought was just a simple Summerlicious dinner turned out to be one of the happiest moments in my life. Although I did think he might be up to something [thumbs up for strong intuitive skills!], I tried not to think much about it… you never know, right? But it turned out to be more than what I imagined it to be. He even got the whole thing on video:

So a little backstory that wasn’t mentioned in the video…

The beautiful location of the proposal

I was actually working out of office that day and gave him a bit of a hard time since he wanted to go for dinner around 6pm, but I usually get off around that time. Ryan actually sent an e-mail to my boss letting him know about his plans of proposing so that I can sign off earlier for the day. I had no idea and wasn’t aware until after the proposal that he did this. Not to mention, my parents also knew beforehand because he asked them before proposing. Now I don’t really remember mentioning to him that it would really mean a lot to me to ask for my parents’ permission first, but when I found out it made me even happier that he did that without me having to ask.

The walk to the bonfire area The proposal

I was totally surrounded by onion ninjas and suffered from leaky face syndrome the whole time, and even afterwards. When we were standing there by the tree and I saw the video on the iPad, I just remember trying to hold back tears because I didn’t have any tissue with me and didn’t wanna end up looking a mess… which kinda happened anyway. Haha. Such a girl. [Gentlemen, bring tissue just in case!] But my emotions took over and I was just one big human faucet. Words cannot describe the feeling. You think you know what to expect when that day comes, but when it’s actually happening right in front of you… whoa. Surreal.


My fiancé and I with the lovely engagement ring

Another thing that surprised me was the ring. It was exactly what I wanted. He would joke around about trying on rings and bringing me into stores to “just take a look”, but even though I would’ve liked to try some rings on in theory [haha]… for some reason I just didn’t want to. I think I was hesitant since I might try one on, fall in love with it and then expect to get that ring – and soon. I just didn’t want to give him that kind of pressure! When he would ask here and there, I would usually just mention a detail here or there, but nothing too specific. He actually ended up asking his friends for help in selecting a design to be custom-made, and browsing through my Pinterest ‘Bridal’ board to get an idea of what I wanted. So sweet. I’m glad he knows my taste.

After the proposal, I got to meet the videographers hiding in the bushes [haha]. That was when I found out that it was Goody! He has done the videography for a few of my friend’s weddings and we really enjoy watching the same day edits that him and his team come up with, so I just knew that he would definitely make us a proposal video we can cherish for years to come. He actually hasn’t done a proposal video before ours, so when Ryan contacted him with the idea of a proposal video, he was quite excited to be able to have the opportunity to do something he’s always wanted to try out. So it worked out for everyone in the end. Yay!

Engagement bliss Before the rain

After doing our post-proposal interviews, it started to rain. Blessing showers! We then headed off to have dinner with both of our families. We were actually going to wait a bit to tell everyone our exciting news, but… social media. Ohhh dear. Oh well, it was too late by the time we realized since we were busy with dinner and just started getting random messages. Regardless, we were very happy when our friends and families found out about our engagement and extended their well wishes.

And now, we plan. Hopefully I will be able to update this blog with our planning process. I think it would be nice to look back and see how everything comes together. With that said, here we go…


Looking forward to continuing our journey together…

To my dearest fiancé, Ryan: I love you to the moon and back… and back to the moon again! Let’s do this.